Sunday, April 12, 2020

The Accidental Hoarder

So, after several expeditions to line up outside the grocery store an hour before they open, in order to lay hands on ONE 4-roll pkg of toilet paper, I've taken to buying one package whenever I'm in a store that's selling them.  My latest score:  a 20-roll pack of Scott Tissue.  If you need some, hit me up.

Of course, the mere fact that there actually was toilet paper available during the day tells me that the TP panic is passing.  However, I do understand the mountain of the stuff we found in my MIL's unused hall bathroom tub.  She liked to shop at Walgreens, probably because it reminded her of the small neighbourhood grocery stores we all knew and loved.  You know, Dearly Beloved...the Piggly Wiggly and the A & P.  She would clip the coupons and there was always some sort of TP on sale, and she would always buy it.

The other thing I appear to be accidentally hoarding is coffee filters.  Picked up a package every time I went to the store in the past couple of weeks, and now we have 3.

We also have enough boxed mac & cheese to build a small fort.

And a slight surfeit of onions, along with enough garlic to ward off the vampire apocalypse.

Are we there, yet?

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