Sunday, June 12, 2016

Wrapping Up

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Well, Death and the Maiden is now one for the history books.  I can scratch it off my bucket list.  In many ways, I hate to see it end.

It's a brilliant show, but one has to go to the Dark Side to do it.  I am extremely grateful for actors willing to do so.  I will admit that it's disappointing that more patrons weren't willing.  They say that, during hard times, people just want fun shows, and I miscalculated.  Silly me.  I thought that, with the economy on the upswing, it was a good time for such a play.  I am now thinking that maybe the economic upswing is not as profound as it seems to be.  That, or people just don't want to go to the Dark Side.

Many thanks to those who came to see it, and especially to those who came in spite of their demons, and those who had to leave.

A critic asked me, "Why this show?"  I was tempted to be flip and say, "Because it's there," but I tried to explain.  I love plays that tell a tough story, and actors who can bring it to life.  I had seen a production of Death and the Maiden years ago, and that production did not seem to bring the story to the audience as well as it might have.  I thought I would like to try and do better, and, thanks to a stellar cast and dedicated crew, I did.  But the real real reason is that there are places in the play, lines of Paulina's, in which she says things I know to be true, but have trouble voicing on my own.  These things were said, in Ariel Dorfman's words, in Cathie Sheridan's voice, from my heart and gut.

Thank you!

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