Saturday, January 02, 2016

A Brand New Year

Well, Dearly Beloved, we have all survived another year.  Let's give ourselves a well-deserved pat on the back!

Usually, I stay home on New Years' Eve.  There's that whole nobody-to-kiss-at-midnight thing, and driving on the roads with all the crazies and all that.  However, this year, it felt like I had a bit of disposable cash left so I bought tickets to a New Years' Eve gathering put on by one of the theaters I play with, (turns out I was wrong about the disposable cash, but whatever), and dragged a friend along for the ride.  So I went, had fun, spent more cash I didn't really have on a silent auction (I need a keeper), and made it home just fine.

I checked Facebook as soon as I got home (like you do), and the first thing I saw was somebody congratulating me on an unspecified subject.  So, of course, I was curious, and eventually found this:

The Rocky Horror Show, the dressing of which was one of the highlights of my year, netted me a Best Costumes award!


No, that's not quite enough....


That's better!

This was a very nice way to start off the year!

So Happy New Year to all of you, and may this year be one of the best EVER!


  1. Congratulations Ronni on the Rocky Horror Show Costumes! You rock! Miss my Austin theatre peeps - Christina Gardner

    1. We miss you, too! Hope you have a great year, and thank you!