Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Bakery

There was a bakery in Chemainus, Dearly Beloved.  It was down a long hill, near the ferry dock.  At least a mile from the school.

Back in those halcyon days, we had a whole hour for lunch at school (can you imagine?), and freedom to leave the school, no questions asked, as long as we were back by the time the bell rang.  Again, can you imagine?

There was just time to walk to the bakery.  The Scotch Oat Cakes were three for a dollar, and made a totally adequate lunch.  They were crispy and salty and had big bubbles of baked cheese in them.  My mouth is watering just thinking about them, almost fifty years later!

After graduation, those Scotch Oat Cakes became just one more of the things I walked away from, never realizing that I'd not be able to get them anywhere else.

About twelve years after I left Chemainus, I was back for my dad's wedding and decided to visit the bakery.  I had a very stern talk with myself at the time, reminding myself that nothing ever stays the same, and who knew if they'd still be there, let alone still make those wonderful cakes...

As I awkwardly negotiated the bakery door with my umbroller stroller full of baby, I was surprised and delighted to find that the person behind the counter was someone from my class at school.  As well as that, there were Scotch Oat Cakes!  And they were even better than the ones they had when I was in high school!  The woman behind the counter owned the bakery.  She had obviously paid attention in Home Ec class, unlike myself.

If I'm ever back there again, I shall have that same talk as I make that same trek and try not to be disappointed if the Chemainus Bakery is no longer in existence.


  1. You will be disappointed. The bakery staff says everything is the same, but it doesn't taste the same to Esther and I. Even our eldest son, who used to escape from Grandma's across the street to buy a long john says it has changed. Too bad!

  2. But Esther makes the oat cakes!

    1. I would love to have her recipe! I've tried every recipe for them I can find, but nothing comes close.

  3. She will send you a copy when she finds it next!