Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Cameron Brown: GUILTY of Murder in the First

This is the son-of-a-bitch who walked his daughter, Lauren Sarene Key,

this lovely little girl, along a cliff, and threw her off the top of this.

 This was the third trial for Cameron Brown.  All jurors in both the preceding trials found him guilty of murder, it was just a question of degree.  This time, without the firm of Geragos and Geragos and their associate Pat Harris defending him, Brown has got his just deserts.

They had a couple of witnesses this time who had not been there for the first two trials.  One was a work associate who would not allow the defense attorney to deflect him from his testimony, and his testimony was damning.  Cameron Brown had spoken to this man about getting rid of his child.

Trials and Tribulations writer, Sprocket, attended the trials, and has detailed notes about testimony.

Cameron Brown Trial has some biting coverage, and the author's poem about Lauren will make you cry.

I found myself needing to go hug some grandchildren.  I have one the same age as Lauren.  I can't shake the feeling that the child knew something was going to happen that day.  The teachers at her day care testified that she had been crying all day because she didn't want to go with him.  He took her up the path, at times pushing her along in front of him.  I can't shake the look of terror that must have been on her face as he picked her up and threw her off.  This case is the stuff of nightmares.

I do feel relieved that it is done and over.  He will not get to be a surf bum ever again.  Nothing can console Lauren's mother, but I bet she feels a soup├žon of relief tonight.

Incarceration has not been kind to Cameron Brown.  He has been locked up for 12 years without bail.  His sentence will be handed down on June 19th, 2015.  Pretty sure California has mandatory LWOP for First Degree Murder with Special Circumstances.

I hope he develops a skin condition that makes him burn every single day of a long, sickening life.

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