Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Thick Coffee Mugs

Remember when we used to get coffee in restaurants and diners in thick mugs?  There was a reason for that.  Mom used to say it was because the breakage factor was lowered, but there was more to it.

When the waitress poured the first cup, your thick mug would warm up, cooling the coffee to a drinkable temperature pretty fast.  When you had sucked it down, and the cup was still warm, she'd be back to fill it up again.  This time, poured into a pre-heated cup, the coffee would stay hot long enough to drink it more slowly.

In these days of triple mocha lattes served in styrofoam cups, I just wanted to remind you of that.


  1. I've been wanting another heavy clay mug. May have to spring one from Waffle House sometime!

    1. I have several, including one of the Willow pattern ones shown above. They are just wonderful on cold mornings.