Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Liberals! Progressives! Take Heed!

Here's the thing: we need to turn out for every progressive politician we can find, both here in Texas and nationally. We all need to make sure all our friends are registered to vote, and help them get to the polls. No matter how hard they make it for us, we have to do this.

We need to call out the bought-and-paid-for Republicans EVERY SINGLE TIME they spout their bullshit and vote against the best interests of this country and its citizens. We must constantly let them know that we are not interested in repealing Obamacare, we are fine with Roe v. Wade just the way it is, and we don't care what consenting adults do to each other in bed. We are SO beyond believing in trickle-down economics. We want our safety net left intact and expanded, we want the filthy rich to pay taxes and bring manufacturing jobs back here to the US. We want our mountains. We want the damn tar sands left in the fucking earth where they belong, and a lot more effort put into renewable energy.

Mostly, we want them to represent us (you know...the ones who sent them to Washington or Austin or Madison or Sacramento) and not the billionaires who finance their nasty lying campaign advertising, while making them sign pledges to do them favours forever.

We ARE the people, and we need to get off our asses and do something about this situation, on the web, on the phone, in the voting booth and in the streets.

Reprinted from Raw Satanic Sewage on Facebook.

No, this is not plagiarism.  Raw Satanic Sewage is my very own page!


  1. Dear Ronni,
    I enjoyed reading about your Christmas umbrella and how much you disliked it and tried to lose it.

    I wish you would send stories like that to Ronni Bennett at The Elder Storytelling Place.
    It was a story so many of us could identify with and enjoy and comment on. It's just the type of story we all love to read.

    I like to read about your costume ideas also. It would be nice if I lived near you so I could see some of your costumes and your shows....

  2. Nancy, Ronni Bennett has been kind enough to publish several of my stories at The Elder Storytelling Place. Click on the list of authors on that site and scroll down to my name (Ronni Prior). But you are right...it has been a while since I have sent her any.

  3. Oh, I know that you have had stories published at ESP ,Ronni. It's just that I think some of your blog posts would make wonderful stories for ESP readers to enjoy.

  4. LOL! Some of the early ones were lifted from here, verbatim.