Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July Doldrums

Well, Dearly Beloved, things are about to get very, very busy.

This week, I have to make a set of curtains for the theater and a halter top for a friend.  The A/C in my car died, and I've been shoving canned coolth into it in hoped of a revival, but so far, no luck.

Our roommates have moved out, but we still have some of their animals, including a dog that needs to go out at 6:00 AM, no matter how late she goes out the night before.  Part of the problem is that she is used to a night shift schedule, but still.  It's always me who hears her pathetic whining first.

Auditions for "The Red Velvet Cake Wars"  at Sam Bass begin on the 30th, so I am gearing up for that, and, on August 11th I start work on the costumes for "National Pastime," a musical being produced by Austin Theatre Project.

With any luck, this may be the year that the dread August 20th rolls right on by without my having time for a lot of sadness.  Because, even after six years (can you believe, Dearly Beloved, it has been six years), I still have times of grief and anger.  I am "getting on with my life," I am "moving forward;" I am stopping to smell the roses, though there are times when the odour of road kill is a bit overwhelming...

Every time I write what I've come to think of as a "Jim Post," I think it might be the last one.  Who knows, really.

If you're a Facebook person, I started a new page after participating in a couple of protests at the Capitol.  It's called "Raw Satanic Sewage," and I started it to contain the worst of my endless snarky political memes and links to the depredations of elected officials, racists and nasty people in general.  I found the title in the right-wing radio spewings of some preacher or other, who referred to the women and men marching down Congress Avenue with that phrase.  I thought it would make a good name for a rock band.  Lacking the talent to put that together, however, I thought a Facebook page would be just the thing.  This freaking asshole is telling his followers that there is going to be a mass slaughter of christians.  If there is, he's going to be the first to get a pie in the face!

Anyway, that's what I'm up to.  How about you?


  1. well...

    i think i missed the edict against wearing tampons.
    is that only in texas?

    is that what they mean by "raw satanic sewage?"

    i thought it was part of "Now that You are a Woman"
    according to a brochure that i got when i was 11.

    the hell is going on?


  2. WHAT the hell?

    it got axed.


  3. They took up tampons because they thought people were going to throw them at the legislators. I have to say that there were some extreme protesters and It's not impossible to imagine that there might have been a plan. That said, they still had no right to take them up. There were women in the crowd who actually needed them.

    The sewage thing is from a fundie radio talk show (see link in the text) who referred to the women on the march, including me (twice), by that term. Apparently we were possessed. Who knew?

  4. I don't think they know how vulnerable a woman feels when she has her menses and can't take care of the flow. I was trapped once, waiting outside for a ride home, and I knew the pad was leaking, called my ride, told him so, and he STILL said, "Well, I have to finish this game of 42 before I come to get you." I was incensed and have yet to actually get over that.

  5. If they did know, and did it anyway, that's abuse.