Wednesday, June 12, 2013

On Washing One's Hands

It has come to my attention that somebody in residence at Camp Runamok doesn't know how to wash his or her hands.  As the two-legged residents include myriad adults, two small children and a teenager, the identity of the culprit is in doubt.  I thought perhaps a tutorial might be in order.

When you approach the sink, the existence of a faucet becomes apparent.  If you turn the porcelain handle on the left, hot water comes out, while the handle on the right produces cold.

Balance the temperature at a comfortable level and thoroughly wet both hands.  On the left side of the sink, there is a small pump flask.  Press the top with one hand while holding the other under the spout.  Foamy lather will ensue.  Rub both hands together, spreading the lather up past the wrists, back and front, paying particular attention to the spaces between fingers.  Continue this process while singing the Alphabet Song silently (please) to yourself.  By the time you get to "Next time won't you sing with me," your hands should be more or less clean.

Now it's time to rinse them.  Insert them under the flow of water from the faucet and rub both hands together again, until the soapy feeling goes away, and the soap and dirt have gone down the drain.

Now (and only now) it is time to reach for the hand towel, which hangs from a conveniently placed ring on the wall to the right of the sink.  Wipe the water from the hands.  When finished, the towel may be slightly damp, but it will not be covered with brown mud like the one in the above picture, which was a nicely bleached white this morning.

All residents please take note, and pass this instruction on to those too young to read blogs.

Thank you.


  1. I shall show this to Bert. He needs a refresher tutorial!

  2. We all do, occasionally. I hope a few closer to home will have a look, too.

  3. I am guessing this will be solved when Pinky and the Brain leave

  4. Just put up a clean towel. We shall see.