Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Michael Blevins--Shithead.

Since Vanessa and Michael split up (they are still not divorced, and it has been a year and a half), he has let us all know, one way or another, how despicable he really is.

I've documented a lot of his offenses here and there, so I won't dredge up the whole lot again, but there is one thing that bugs me more than I can say. 

He has never...not once...ever taken Ethan to buy Vanessa a card or present for Christmas, her birthday, Valentine's or Mothers' Day.  He takes him for his weekends, but he has done nothing to show Ethan how he should treat Mommy.  In my opinion, this is neglecting his duty to his son.  It doesn't matter how he feels about Vanessa (and I think he has made that pretty clear), he should still help Ethan with cards and prezzies as the occasion demands.  How else will the child know how these things work?

I do my best, but I worry.  Mammaguh taking him shopping for cards and prezzies just isn't the same as having Daddy do it.

There are times when I would sincerely like to slap that man upside the head.  Of course, I won't.  Not worth going to jail for.

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