Friday, April 20, 2012

Grumblefuss #27

When did stores start talking to us? 

First, it was the screen at the gas pump that exhorts us to SPEND MORE MONEY for some additive or other.  No, I don't want to add any more crap to my car than you put in the damned over-priced gasoline in the first place.  Where's the microphone on this thing, so I can answer back?

Walmart got into the act, with motion-activated screens and speakers all over the store.  No, my child does not want Hanna Montana pajamas, backpacks, flashlights or tickets.  I don't care about recipes for creamed spinach.  If you don't stop stalking me, I'm going to call the manager...oh, wait...

Now, 7-Eleven is doing it, as well.  I don't care for free chips with my sandwich, thank you, and yes, I've already had my damned coffee.  Now fuck off and leave me alone.

Really, people.  This is not nice.  You know what it makes me want to do?  Throw things at the screens, for a start.  Weights, for example.  After all, one needs one's exercise, right?  Also, the mandatory rigging of talking screens all over the domicile of the inventor seems appropriate.  Including one in the toilet:  "HEY!  Buy Charmin®!"

Grocery stores are quite the source of information about us...those rewards cards they issue track our consumption.  Now they are actually speaking up and telling us what to buy.  I find that obnoxious, Orwellian, and just a tad bit too sci-fi.  I mean, if I have to put up with all this shit, shouldn't I have my flying car by now?

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