Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Guilty As Charged


There are further links there to all the info in this case.

After having survived multiple bannings on multiple message boards in defending Michelle's sister from the depredations of Jason's family and friends, I certainly feel vindicated!

The loss of Michelle and Ryland remains, but Justice has been served up to Jason Young on a prison tray.

Many thanks are due to the police, the prosecution team, the four jurors in the first trial who stood firm for "guilty," and all the investigation followers who posted suggestions for the prosecution (which they appear to have taken to heart).

Read and listen to the Judge's words at the above link.  This judge, at least, "gets it."  A lot of the usual evidence for murder does not apply in cases of domestic violence.  DNA---pfft.  Of course the killer's DNA is going to be there, if he lives there.  Of course there will be unidentified DNA...Michelle and Jason were not the only people to ever enter that house.

I hope that, someday, science will give us a means to tell the age of DNA...is it fresh, or is it from last month when the plumber came to fix the commode?  That might seriously help in cases such as this.

Mostly, we need to recognize and refuse to enable antisocial behaviour on the part of killers such as Jason Young.  He might have been prevented from killing his wife and unborn son.

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