Sunday, October 23, 2011

Monte Montgomery

Just now got home from a 200-mile round trip to see the most phenomenal guitarist I have ever heard.

Ben showed me some videos of him on YouTube a while back, telling me he was on a European tour, and had two (count 'em...two) Central Texas shows coming up, one in Marble Falls and one in Fredericksburg.  That last is the one we went to.  Ben has seen him in Austin and Pflugerville. 
Dearly Beloved, I cannot describe the way this man plays a guitar.  It's as if he had four hands and twenty fingers.  He is all over that instrument.  His guitar looks as if it has been rode hard and put up wet, and I would guess that is pretty close to the truth.

I had expected to hear some wonderful music...what I didn't expect was heart.  On video, the way his music grabs the audience is not apparent.  I cried more than once during the performance...and then...

...Then he brought his mother up on stage.  HIS MOTHER!  And, guess what she sang...go on, guess.  I'll wait.

This woman, older than I (I'm pretty sure), got up on stage and sang "Angel From Montgomery!"  It appeared to be a signature song for Montgomery is her surname.  Some of you may know that it's one of my favourite songs, and to hear it under these circumstances almost did me in.  After, I told her that she made my day.

So, go to YouTube and type Monte Montgomery into the search box, and enjoy.

Thanks, Ben, for giving me yet another wonderful gift!

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  1. Hadn't had the Monte experience yet, eh? :-) He's amazing.