Friday, September 16, 2011

Priming the Pump?

I went for a walk early this morning.  In the gloaming, I didn't really notice, but as the sun rose--it was oddly obscured by a grey growth.  In fact, the whole sky was covered.

I was still puzzling over this (not having seen such a thing in recent memory), and wondering what it might bode when I heard a strange noise.  It sounded like falling leaves.  Due to the drought, the trees have been losing their summer glory, and the ground looks like Fall even as the air feels like hell.

All of a sudden, there was water on my glasses and running down my neck.  Damp spots appeared on the street. Stunned by this unexpected turn of events, I stood, frozen in place, looking up at the lowering sky.  I knew there was a word for this phenomenon, but I couldn't think of it.  I was still racking my dessicated brain when the sound and the water ceased--faded to nothing.  Dry air sucked the water off the ground.

I slogged home, sticky with inexplicable humidity. 

Wait...wait...the word is coming...


That's was rain!

What a tease.

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