Friday, September 23, 2011

The Plot (As They Say) Sickens

According to several sources, Steve Powell, father-in-law of missing Susan Powell, was arrested last night on fourteen counts of voyeurism, some involving children, and one count of possession of child porn.  Awesome.,0,4639336.story

Apparently, some of the thousands of pictures they found were of Susan.  Some were taken out his bedroom window, peeping his telephoto lens inside his neighbour's bedrooms and bathroom.  Some pictures, according to one interview, were taken from vantage points where he had no right to be, and many in parks and playgrounds.

At 61, and looking at five years in prison, the man is toast.  Now, at last, we may find out what happened to Susan Cox Powell.  ETA:  on the boards, they are saying perhaps five years per count.  That might give them something to bargain with to find out how much he knows about Susan's disappearance.

When the warrant was served on the Powell household in August, police found the locked cabinet Steven Powell had been bragging that they missed in their last search.  He complained that they took his journals which, he said, had "embarrassing stuff" in them.  Ironic, in view of the fact that he had been planning to publish Susan's teenage diaries to prove her supposed promiscuity.

Now, we find that the sick SOB has gone far beyond "embarrassing," and well on into "perverted."

No wonder Josh always seems to be covering something in interviews.  I will bet real money that he knew all about his dad's little hobby, probably including that he secretly took pictures of Susan.

This story just gets sicker and sicker.  I have a feeling that we are all going to be totally disgusted when the entire saga is made public.

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