Thursday, September 08, 2011

Don't Buy the Lie

Here's an article from a site developed for veterans.  Very interesting and verifiable fact filled editorial, including the following quote:
Interestingly, even his tea-partyish hatred — nay, loathing! — of big government’s intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizens turns out to be just another Perry Tale. In fact, there would be no Rick Perry without the steady “intrusion” of government into his life.

Local taxpayers in Haskell County put him through their public school system — for free. He and his family were dry-land cotton farmers, and federal taxpayers helped support them with thousands of dollars in crop subsidies — Perry personally took $80,000 in farm payments.

State and federal taxpayers financed his college education at Texas A&M, even giving him the extracurricular opportunity to be a cheerleader. Upon graduation, he spent four years on the federal payroll as an Air Force transport pilot who never did any combat duty.

Then, in 1984, Perry hit the mother lode of government pay by moving into elected office — squatting there for 27 years and counting. In addition to getting regular paychecks from taxpayers for nearly three decades as a state representative, agriculture commissioner, lieutenant governor and governor, he also receives platinum-level health care coverage and a generous pension from the state, plus $10,000 a month for renting a luxury suburban home, a covey of political and personal aides and even a publicly paid subscription to Food & Wine magazine.

So when this taxpayer-supported lifer flits into your town to declare that he will slash public benefits and make government “as inconsequential as possible,” he means in your life, not his.
Please don't get sucked into this man's bullshit.  The jobs he touts?  Mostly minimum wage.  And the numbers of them?  Not enough to keep pace with population growth in Texas.

Never mind his questionable prayer rally in Houston, which was paid for by the most right wing of all...the AFA and Koch brothers.

How anyone can think this man has been good for Texas and will be good for America is beyond me.  Schools have gone downhill, social services have gone downhill, executions have risen dramatically, jobs have gone overseas; he sails through it all, lying through his teeth in a way that, if I believed in hell, would consign him there for eternity.

Do you WANT a country of The Rich and The Serfs?  Because that's what the people who line the pockets of Perry and his ilk want.  They are The Rich, and we will be The Serfs.

Don't buy the lie.

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