Friday, July 15, 2011

A Kiss is Just a Kiss...

Have we lost the fun of kissing?  It seems that, to modern young people, a kiss leads inevitably to sex, and is not perceived as an end unto itself.  Now, when I was a girl (back in the mists of time), a kiss was pretty much all we had going on.  In my crowd of friends, anyway.  Oh, there were couples who were "going steady," and they did a bit of petting and such, but many of us were not allowed to date until we were 16, much less get into any sort of committed relationship.  Parents were uncertain as to the meaning of "going steady," but they were pretty sure it could lead to trouble.  Unacceptable levels of intimacy, at the very least.

When you kissed a boy, it was generally your third date.  First date...nothing.  Second date...a peck on the cheek.  Third date...ah...there was The Kiss.  This kiss was designed to encourage further dates, and did this by being something to think about well into the night.  And this was even before tongues were allowed into the action.  Tongues didn't enter the picture (or at least each others' mouths) for at least a couple more dates.  Any more than that required the aforementioned commitment known as "going steady."

So, that third date kiss was crucial.  An entire relationship could hinge on that kiss.  We got pretty good at it.

It was a more innocent time.  Most of us didn't know much about sex in any of its forms, and most of us were willing to proceed more slowly than kids are today.

A kiss was just a kiss...


  1. have you ever read any of the writing of Naomi Wolf on this matter?

    she now lectures college students about the lack of romance and the excitement and anticipation of
    having a romantic/sexual encounter with someone.

    she states that everything now is about "hooking up."
    there is no pretense. you don't even have to bother acting interested in the other person.
    a date? laughable.

    a friend's teenage daughter spoke of "The Train,"
    what girls are expected to perform on boys at rumpus room parties.

    google it. how awful to be a young girl or boy these days.

  2. I have not read Naomi Wolf, but will do so. I do know what "pulling a train" is, and it disgusts me. Kids know more about the mechanics of such things than they should, and nothing about emotional content. This bodes ill.

  3. more from naomi wolf (author of The Beauty Myth)-
    about how porn effects young men:

    Bestselling Author Naomi Wolf to Discuss the Death of Romance on College Campuses

    interesting also -
    The End of America:

    ~surf. my comments were posted above too.

  4. Ronni - thanks for posting this...really good timing for yours truly! :o) xoxo

  5. It's funny how a thought will roll around and roll around, and then--voila! It writes itself down!

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