Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Devolution of Women's Rights

"Forcible rape."  Is there any other kind? 

AddictingInfo.com tells us that the new Bill, H.R.3 - No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act wants to distinguish between "rape" and "forcible rape," in order to further restrict abortion rights.  Funding through government programs, tax credits, and even, in many cases, private insurance will no longer be allowed (if this Bill passes), in cases of rape that do not include the term "forcible."  This will end the modern inclusion of statutory rape, the use of so-called "date rape" drugs, and other situations in which the victim is in no condition to consent. 

So, we will be back to the pre-1970s dark ages, should this pass.  It is backed by an impressive 160 or more House Members, mostly (but not all) men. 

Should this pass, you will not even be able to use your own private insurance to pay for an abortion under statutory rape or date rape circumstances, because you will not be able to get a tax deduction if your insurance covers this.  As one commenter said at Addicting Info:
Note also that the GOP in this bill seeks to bar use of any tax benefit to pay for abortions. So you can’t even use YOUR OWN MONEY in a Health Savings Account. That makes this a TAX HIKE.

Of course, it’s only a TAX HIKE on the families of victims of statutory rape.
Boy oh boy that’s a really great idea huh?
The Grand Old Party, which has been prating for years about "smaller government," and "getting government out of people's personal lives," now wants to get into the most personal part of women's lives.

I have been raped.  I went to the wrong party with the wrong people, back when I was 18 and naive.  The first in line slapped me around a bit...enough for me to realize that my choice was to be raped, or to be beaten and raped.  I stopped fighting.  By the language in this Bill, what happened to me was not rape.  NOT RAPE!  It would have been suicidal for me to have continued to fight.  There were at least 12 of them, and maybe as many as 18.  I was raped 18 times, at any rate.  I kept track.

What about mentally and emotionally disturbed people, who have no idea what "consent" means?  What about under aged girls, groomed and raped by older individuals?  What about grannies, who can't fight?

I am LIVID about this.  We fought hard for this issue, back in the 70s.  Women's Empowerment was not all about bra-burning and futzing with language, you know.  We managed to get some laws passed that helped us.

When I posted this article on Facebook, it got an interesting comment: 
Not a very intelligent use of resources from a conservative viewpoint, either. An abortion costs the government 400$ or less. The cost of raising an unwanted child placed in state or foster care is 100K plus. I must take issue with the article's example, though. A 13-year old girl by definition cannot give consent. The 24-year old that sleeps with her is not guilty of statutory rape, he is a child molester.
And this: 
Once an infant breathes it has no rights, but when it has fewer cells than a fungus - it deserves all the protections conservatives can think of.
I wonder how these Congressmen (and -women) would feel if it were a member of their family who became a rape victim under the circumstances they want to throw out.  What if Mr. Carter's daughter sucked down some roofies in her drink, and came to...pregnant.  Is he going to force her to bear that child, whose father she doesn't even know?  Is he going to force her to raise it?  Is he going to raise it himself?  Is he going to have her place the child for adoption--a child whose medical history is unknown?  The father could not be charged with rape, if their scheme to alter the definition passes.

I am sick about this!  If this passes, what's next?  Will we lose our other rights?  How long will it be before we are reduced to the second class citizens that women used to be?  How many unwanted children will have to be borne?  How many women will die from back-alley abortions?

Jesus H Christ on a raft, people!  This is the 21st Century!  If you don't want an abortion, DON'T HAVE ONE!  But don't stop others from having one.

The legislation is defined as "A BILL," and on the next line, "To prohibit taxpayer funded abortions and to provide conscience protections, and for other purposes."

"Conscience protections."  So the protection of their consciences (which they don't seem to care about overmuch in other circumstances), is considered more important than the well-being of rape victims.  I guess that lets us know where we stand, doesn't it?

I'm not a huge fan of war, but I don't see anyone prohibiting taxpayer funding of that to save my conscience and that of other peaceniks!

And just what "other purposes" are they talking about?

Women will die as a result of this legislation.  Either beaten to death by their rapists, or as a result of illegal abortions, or from suicide.  Children will suffer from being unwanted.  God knows, there are enough of those around as it is.

Given the huge number of sponsors of this Bill, it isn't going away on its own.  If your Congressman's name appears at the top of it, contact him or her immediately, and let him know how this will impact your vote.

This sucks, Dearly Beloved!

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