Thursday, January 06, 2011

You Might Be A Dubya Supporter If...

You might be a Dubya Supporter if... lost your job at the mills and you are now working as a greeter
at Walmart, but you think the economy was stronger in 2008 than ever before. think that the institution of marriage needs protection from
gays, despite the fact that you are in the middle of your third divorce.

...when you see a sobbing Iraqi woman on TV, you think she is crying for joy at being liberated, and you can't understand why more Iraqis aren't overwhelmed with joy to see American troops marching down their street. demand that the government give you school vouchers to send your kids to a parochial school, but protested when Muslim students wanted to wear their head wraps to the local public school.

...someone tells you that no complex problem has a simple solution, and you immediately start chanting, "Flip Flop! Flip Flop!" even in a public place. think that the Bible says that God wants us to use up everything
the Earth has to offer so as to bring on the End Times sooner. got in a bar fight when a stranger told you that Dubya had joined the Texas Air National Guard to avoid Vietnam. know that the WMD's in Iraq will be found tomorrow, that Osama was a regular guest of Saddam's, and that the United Nations was just a front for Iraqi sponsored terrorists.

...the last time someone told you that the increasing frequency and
severity of the hurricanes hitting Florida were a predicted part of the
process of global warning, you told them, "No, those hurricanes is God's way of punishing all them lying Democrats that were tryin' to steal the 'lection from my homeboy, Dubya - and warnin' em not to be tryin' that again!" live in a trailer park, and believe that your home is directly
threatened by terrorists.