Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Costume Rant #47

Do you know what this is?  I'll tell you what it is.  This is what duct tape looks like, after it has been stuck onto fabric and SENT TO THE CLEANERS!  The skirt is effectively ruined.

We understand how it happens.  A hem comes down during a performance...somebody backstage grabs the nearest thing to fix it with, and then it is forgotten, until we pull the skirt and try to let the hem down.  In the meantime, it has been dry cleaned.  Look at that residue.  Ramona has not found anything that will remove that, and neither have I.  We have tried all the usual solvents.  The results were disastrous.

Masking tape doesn't do that.  Even if it gets dry cleaned, the residue is minimal and comes off with acetone.

If you must tape a hem...and I know, firsthand, that it happens...if you must tape it, use masking tape, not duct tape.  Duct tape is EVIL!

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