Saturday, December 04, 2010

Crime Hiatus

Nothing seems to be happening right now in the cases I am following.  Chances are that more than one will come to trial at the same time, so I will be hopping then...

Casey Anthony languishes in jail, awaiting trial.

Jason Young, ditto.

Raven Abaroa, ditto.

Chris Coleman, ditto.

Drew Peterson, ditto.

Cameron Brown, ditto...his third trial.

Stacy Peterson is still missing.

Lisa Stebic, ditto.

Rachel Cooke, ditto.

Susan Powell, ditto.

Kyron Horman, ditto.

Haleigh Cummings, ditto.

Too many dittos.  Too many who see the murder of spouse or child as the answer to their dilemma...whatever their dilemma might be.  As adults, we can learn to stay away from such people (though a lot of us don't seem to), but what about the children?  Caylee Anthony and the other kids on this list don't stand a chance when those who are supposed to protect them destroy them instead.

And the wheels of justice turn so very slowly. 


  1. Have you been following this one? I've been glued to it since the news came out last week. Another very sad one.

  2. I've been reading about it, but not following it on message boards. It seems obvious to me that the boys' father has done more than just kidnap them...and it's just a case of finding the bodies. If he had delivered them to somebody else, they would surely have come forward by now.