Sunday, October 03, 2010

Some Costume Shots

Richard Dodwell as Cardew Longfellow. The cape came from A Cut Above Costumes.

Ben Weaver as Count Puchlik/Heinreich Kuchler. Would you believe I found that suit at a thrift shop, several years ago, for $7.00? It fits Ben so well that it's his, now.

Heh. Me, as Cynthia Maple.

Set design by Kevin Scholtes.


  1. Hey Ronni! Looking good!
    love the set.

    Looks like your keeping busy..
    WOW so many changes to your blog, since last I was here...

    I know I know..where have I been?
    paying penance for my past indiscretions I think...who knows?
    I am gonna TRY, to get back into this blogging...try being the operative word.

    Glad to see your still here...I have missed you.

  2. I've missed you, too, Terri. I've been thinking about you a lot, since the Hayes trial has begun.

  3. We went on that bike ride for them..never saw so many motorcycles in one spot before..Doc is in his angry faze right now...His life is just a shambles thanks to those two *&$^%**^%! They need to fry big time.
    Its really sad Ronni.

    As to me? Life is ...well. Life..dragging on and on right now.
    I will have to catch you up in chat one of these days soon. Until then HUGS!

  4. Great costumes! Great set! I am always amazed at the live theatre that SBCT can put on. So terrific, touching, funny, sad whatever. You all do it well!

  5. This set is one of the prettiest we've had in a while. Kevin is very talented. We are lucky to have him.