Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Note On the Midterm Election

Dear Democratic Party,

Please stop shooting yourself in the foot.

What is the point of not running a candidate in the Texas State Comptroller race? This could turn into a huge advantage for the Republicans. I was a bit stunned when I heard that the Republican Party paid the filing fee for the Green Party candidate. Why, you may ask, would they do that? Because, Dearly Beloved, the Green Party tends to draw votes from the Democrats. The more left-leaning Democrats might just think that a Green Party Comptroller would be A Good Thing. So, say 2% of those who would normally vote Democrat are seduced into voting Green...might be just enough for a Republican candidate to walk through the split.

Not only that, but here's where it gets complicated. If the Green Party manages to pull 5% of the vote in a major race, such as that for the office of State Comptroller, they are allowed on the ticket for 2012. Not only that, but, if they draw 2% of the total votes in the Governor's race, they get the same result.

Dearly Beloved, we don't need the 2012 ticket to have candidates who can split the Democratic vote.

Governor Perry has refused to debate his main opponent, Democrat Bill White. Why am I not seeing any ads making a big deal out of that? Perry says he will not debate until Bill White makes his taxes public. Nobody is hollering the truth we all know--that's just an excuse, and Perry can't defend his record. It's just too awful. In a state notorious for it's Good Old Boy politics, Perry has reached a new low.

And, on another topic, what's with your reliance on bloggers to constantly hammer Truth against Tea Party claims? Why is a President Clinton the one to be touring the country, reminding people that he left the country with a budget surplus that the Bush administration managed to parlay into a multi-billion dollar deficit? Why are you not talking about this, and other issues? The Tea Party has so many of our dumbed-down citizens convinced that everything they worry about is the fault of our current President. You need to be placing full-page ads everywhere, quoting chapter and verse. Polls have shown that a lot of people think President Obama has raised taxes on ordinary folks like you and me. Not true. We all got a tax break. There are a lot of issues such as this.

And what's with the Tea Party outrage that the President wants to allow the Bush tax cuts to expire on the wealthiest of the wealthy? Do their supporters think they will ever be in a tax bracket affected by that? Because I got news. They won't.

Hey. I'm just a blogger, and not even a political blogger. I'm beginning to think you guys don't deserve to be re-elected. The thing is...I don't deserve the government we will get if you are not re-elected.

Some Tea Party candidates are promoting armed uprising. I'm sure that appeals to the thousands of right wingnuts who gather in compounds and collect weapons like some people collect Beanie Babies. These nuts are wandering around political rallies with semi-automatic weapons, just because they can. Doesn't this scare anyone but me?

I got more news. If the Tea Party manages to take over, you can kiss the minimum wage, reproductive rights, a free internet and the separation of church and state a fond farewell. Oh, not all at once, of course...but you read it here.

The election is in nine (NINE) days. Early voting has already begun. Will you guys PLEASE wake up and start campaigning?



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  1. Halfway to Hell in a handbasket, that's where we'll be!