Monday, September 06, 2010

The Promise of September

It's funny what a difference a few days can make. A little breeze...a few drops of rain...a slight drop in temperature...

So what if it's all about an approaching hurricane! It still counts!

Autumn used to be eternal. Those halcyon days, gradually cooling from light jackets to winter coats...the smell of burning leaves...venturing out into a brisk west wind and returning with face and hands tingling.

I miss that. I do. Here, we rarely get the early frost that creates the glory of a northern Autumn. Here, the leaves mostly just turn brown and fall off. That process has already started, due to a stretch of dry weather in August.

It's only 91° today, about eight degrees cooler than yesterday. We have a 90% chance of rain, and we are under a flash flood watch.

The hurricane, which I hadn't even heard of yesterday, is supposed to come ashore at Brownsville tonight. Brownsville is way down on the Mexican border, right at the southern point of Texas, so we won't get much effect from it here. Just a bit of rain and maybe a breeze.

But's not as hot as it was, and it feels like the promise of Fall.

It's the little things. I'll take it.

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