Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Flood Picture

No Kidding!

I don't know where this shed came from, but it wasn't there yesterday.

A car washed up on the bridge on Oakridge Drive

I don't know where all the water that is pouring down Deepwood Drive is coming from, and I can't get anywhere near The Rock. I have more pics, but it's going to take me a while to get to work, due to the fact that the only way out of this subdivision is Lake Creek Drive, past the high school. Deepwood is blocked off, as is Round Rock West Drive, and the low water crossing at Deepwood and Round Rock West Drive has too much water on it to risk the Miata. Oakridge is open, and St Williams, and Deepwood, if you want to get to McNeil Drive, and if you live south of Lake Creek.
Gotta run.


  1. Wow, Ronni! That's a lot of water. Be safe!

  2. It's still pouring down Deepwood, and the river starts where the lane behind my house meets the street. It must be from a ruptured water main or something...I just can't see where else it could be coming from. Unless the new control ponds they built at the high school are a spectacular failure!