Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Some Angel/Transition

My other character in "Judas" got rather short shrift, I'm afraid. What with the costume and the accent, Mother Teresa consumed most of my attention. I kept referring to Gloria as "some angel," which was a throwback to "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever." Here she is with Loretta (I kid you not), who was her fellow jury-member. The reason she looks like a zombie is because "back on Earth, she's on life support."

I must say, though, that I had entirely too much fun backstage during the run of this play. Being surrounded by a lot of young men was a bit of a shot in the arm, as they say. I did NOT (repeat, NOT) want to be treated as an old lady by them...I was the oldest person in the cast. So, I sort of...well...lets just say that my veneer of ladylike behaviour slipped a little. When they got crude, I got crude.

(Damn kids...think they invented sex, drugs and rock and roll!)

I actually said that to one of them, and he shot back with, "We didn't invent it; we just perfected it!"


Anyway, Dearly Beloved, it's past time to don again the persona of a lady--yeah, that one that my mom tried so hard to impose. The cast of "Secondary Cause of Death" has several new people...ladies...who are not used to the sort of language that was coming out of my mouth last night. One or two of them were looking at me a little askance. That's how I figured out that it's time to lay to rest the backstage character from Judas...the one that never was on stage.

It was fun to relax and be that person for a while though...I haven't been her for decades!

Thanks, guys!

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