Monday, August 16, 2010


I've played nuns before. A couple of them, anyway. I played the Abbess in "A Comedy of Errors" and the Middle Nun in "House of Blue Leaves."

I learned that one needs "nunderwear. Nunderwear involves some sort of shorts, so that one can flap one's habit in whatever breeze presents itself. Nuns' habits are hot, even Mother Teresa's, thought it's actually a white sari. Still...a sari wraps a couple of times around the waist, plus all those pleats and the long-sleeved shirt that goes under it...and there is a white head-wrap beneath the veil. As well, nuns tend to minimize, so a sports bra is in order. If I wear the darn thing too long, it cuts off circulation in my arms!

Oh must be thankful for small mercies--at least I can go barefoot this time!