Friday, July 09, 2010

Janet Abaroa to be Exhumed

Wasn't she pretty? Doesn't it just make you sick that such a lovely and intelligent woman could marry a scumbag who would murder her and her unborn child? What is the matter with these men? They are such chameleons! So sweet and romantic and saying whatever their women want to hear. And then they change. The women hang in there, hoping for a return to the sweet men who courted them. Nobody tells them that the sweet man was a fake and the abusive SOB is here to stay.

Here's the real Raven. Hardly recognizable as the same man, is he?

According to ABC News, a judge in Pennsylvania has ordered Janet Abaroa's body exhumed for examination. From the article:
Court documents say prosecutors want access to Janet's remains for four reasons. They want fingerprints, casts of her hands, marks made on her skeleton by the murder weapon, and they want to know if there are contact lenses in her eyes.

Janet's family has said she always took the lenses out before she went to bed. Raven allegedly told investigators Janet was in bed before she left the house.

Prosecutors say no fingerprints were taken from Janet at her autopsy, so they can't compare them with fingerprints taken from the crime scene.
Raven, who is in jail, charged with her murder, objected. Her family says he reneged on an agreement to allow the exhumation:
Raven Abaroa's attorney Amos Tyndall said in court papers that his client objects to the exhumation "to conduct experiments that have no scientific validity, will be performed without a specific or established protocol, and are designed to support conclusions the analysts have already reached about the case."
Whatever, Raven!

You may remember that Raven moved out west after Janet's murder, and remarried. The marriage lasted about a year, and his second wife came forward and said she thought he might have killed Janet. I've written about the case before. Just put his name in the search box if you want to see the other entries.

I hope they find something to nail the bastard.

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