Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ain't Free Speech Grand?

These gentlemen were hanging out at the Post Office this afternoon, accosting people as they walked in, and handing out cheap printouts of their "Obama is a Fascist" crap. I got around to reading the leaflet, and it seems that this guy...Lyndon LaRouche...wants to be a mover and a shaker in a "post-Obama Administration." I quote:
"I would play a key role in a post-Obama government, not as a member of the government, but as an advisor with many connections, pulling many strings together, to advise on how we bring the world out of the present mess."

Tracie saw them with their disrespectful posters of the President and their annoying missionary attitude, so we put on our Obama shirts, and grabbed a poster of hers and headed down there to assert our own right to free speech.

They had set up quite a little campsite. Apparently they are within their rights to do this, though, to me, it seems intrusive. All kinds of people, of all ages go in and out of the Post Office every day. While I think it's a good thing to teach our children that they have rights under our Constitution, the pictures of President Obama with a "Hitler mustache" seem disrespectful, both of him and of those who suffered under the fist of the real Hitler.

This is not a zoom. This guy got right in my face! He said he was a Democrat, "just like me," and that it was better for us to bring down the President than to wait for Rush Limbaugh to do it.

When did Rush Limbaugh get the power to bring down the President? Did I miss an election or appointment?

I had decided on the way there that I wanted to stay out of arguments...I can't afford bail. I did ask for their names, and they wouldn't tell me. By way of showing them that they are not "just like me," I told them mine, and so did Tracie.

One of the men they were talking to leaned over to the guy in the blue shirt and said something about my taking pictures...I wonder if they are all that paranoid! I did decide not to post the pics I took of their license plates.

I refuse to post the links to their drivel...if you are fascinated, you can google it.

They didn't like us at all.


  1. Ronni - you've got guts. Well done for standing up to these twerps. It seems unbelievable that a Democrat would have so much disrespect for an elected President. Do you know what I think? It's racism plain and simple.

  2. It is most assuredly racism. You can tell by the stridency with which they deny it!

    Part of the problem is, as somebody said on Keith Olbermann's show a couple of days ago, many have a very narrow definition of "racism." Some think that, unless they are using the n-word, they are not racist.

    I got news. As soon as one separates humanity into "us" and "them," no matter who the "them" is, some sort of "ism" ensues. Whether "them" is Black, Latino, Female, Gay, Asian or whatever, there is one race on this planet, and it's the human race. Differences are superficial and much less important than similarities.

    ~drags soapbox back to closet~

  3. How short is that guy who got up in your face? Does his ballcap hide a bald pate? That close, close shave--almost what you might call a GAY shave . . . that cockadoodly jumpiness comes right through the photo.

  4. He was pretty short. Slightly taller than I, but I'm 5'4". I have noted in the past that short men, without some compensatory factor, tend to be a bit weird. Compensatory factors include extreme talent (Steve Goodman, for example), a massive gun collection (my friend, Sam, who runs a gun and knife shop), and (according to someone dear to me), a endowment. I have not conducted my own research on that last factor.

    What I couldn't get over was the 1980s pleated jeans. Who wears that, any more?