Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Spin, Spin, Spin

Let the Spin begin!

Joran has a lawyer. Two, if links at InSessions are to be believed. One is a Peruvian and one is Dutch.

Peruvian laws do not seem all that logical to Americans, as there are different priorities. For instance, being under the influence of drugs is a mitigating factor, rather than an aggravating one. A murder committed in the course of a robbery nets a higher penalty than a murder by itself. A confession further mitigates the offense.

According to CNN, Joran has confessed, as I posted last night, but the confession seems carefully crafted to net him the shortest possible sentence from the Peruvian court.

They were considering robbery as the prime motive, but Joran told them that he became enraged when she got on his computer. He also said he was stoned on pot. And that she hit him first.

So. We have the rage factor, making it a so-called "crime of passion." We have the "stoned" factor. We have the "self-defense" factor. And, according to a Dutch paper, we have the "coerced confession" factor.

If the authorities in Peru believe all this stuff, he could be out in quite a short time. Of course, some of them could cancel each other out. For instance, if the confession is thrown out due to coercion, that negates that mitigating factor.

The thing is that, in Peru, there is this lovely little thing they do. They take the suspect, after his confession, to the scene of the crime, and require him to participate in a re-enactment of same. This hasn't happened yet, but I see all sorts of possibilities there for Joran to get tangled in the web of lies he has woven.

Stay tuned for more fun and frivolity...

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