Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Myths About Illegal Immigrants

The Deseret News published an article, detailing the results of some research they have done into claims made by tea-baggers about illegal immigrants. Here is the link: Fact or Fiction? The Myths and Realities of Illegal Immigration. This statement backs up what I've been saying about illegal immigrants and taxes:
The Social Security Administration has estimated about three-quarters of illegal workers have taxes for Social Security and Medicare taken out of their paychecks — programs in which they cannot legally participate unless they become legal residents.

The Social Security Administration says these payments actually help keep Social Security solvent because they pay in but can take nothing out legally. It's estimated that in 2005, about $9 billion in Social Security taxes was paid by people who filed W2 forms with incorrect or mismatched data, which could include undocumented workers. The IRS inspector general estimated about 4 percent of all W2 forms have such mismatched data.

The inspector noted that the IRS is required by law to accept W2s with such problems. Former IRS commissioner Mark Everson told Congress in 2006, "Our job is to make sure that everyone who earns income within our borders pays the proper amount of taxes, even if they may not be working here legally."
It's quite a long article, but well worth reading.


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