Friday, May 21, 2010

Opening Night

The Final Dress Rehearsal went...OK...not great, but OK. Of course, according to theater tradition (superstition), you don't want the Final Dress to be perfect, because that almost guarantees a miserable opening. So no danger there...

Never mind that we didn't have a rehearsal with an accompanist until Monday. The score is so badly written that it took him several days to decipher one song! Never mind that one of the solo songs was in a different key in the score from the one on the CD, so that song didn't get taught to the singer until Wednesday.

This is about to be a glorious and terrifying adventure!

I have two lines that I have to sing out all by myself. There were more, but a couple in one song were transferred to the leading lady, as it was the first song we learned and there was no way I could make anything come out of my mouth. I have to admit, that the two lines I am singing solo are causing me so much terror that it feels like some many-clawed creature has taken up residence in my innards. In rehearsal, there is a better than 90% chance that the lines will come out right; we shall see what happens in performance. I do know that the way to get over one's fears is to face them, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to check this one off my list.

Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease make it so! I promise never to mention the Scottish Play again, anywhere...


  1. Break a leg! (in the strictest of theatrical expression only of course)

  2. As Grace says in "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever,"

    "Remember, it's just a theatrical expression. It doesn't mean really break a leg...yours or anyone else's!"