Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Odessa Meteor Crater (Watch for Snakes)

The oil wells are everywhere.

Looking up to the Park building from the bottom of the crater.

The very existence of the Odessa Meteor Crater had totally escaped my notice. The air south of Odessa reeks of oil drilling; I was pretty sure I would not voluntarily pass that way again. The crater was originally over a hundred feet deep, but erosion has filled it in to within six feet of the surface. It proved impossible to get a picture that showed the roughly circular shape. Tons of meteor bits were found in the surrounding countryside, but none in the crater itself, as the thing exploded when it hit.

The lady in the gift shop was very nice. I bought earrings made from scraps of meteor. Note to self: be careful walking past my fridge--these earrings like magnets.

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  1. It sure does stink there! I remember going with my uncle (1977)on his laundry service route from San Angelo to all over. Odessa was one of his last stops that direction. Those oil worker coveralls are heavy when dirty.