Friday, April 02, 2010

I Am Afraid

I have wanted to direct this play forever. I don't remember when I first came up with the idea of doing it with an actor playing the Tree, but it floated around my brain for a long time before I got the nerve to mention it to anyone. Reactions varied from polite smiles to frothing indignation. As a result, I talked about it less and thought about it more. For some reason, I mentioned it on line during the Blog Wars, and it was greeted with venom in their circles. Last night, I went over into Mutt territory for the first time in a while, hoping to post Michael's review...childish, I know, but that's just me. Fortunately, they have disabled the comments. Nothing there but ashes.

It's not often, or hasn't been in my life, that one gets one's heart's desire. It always seemed that life gave me fake Barbies hidden in real Barbie boxes. Like I was too stupid to know the difference. Therefore, when I do get something I have wanted for a long time, it makes me feel as if I am in tune with the Universe.

The reason this scares me is that I felt the same way when I married Jim.

Of course, the major difference is that marriage is open-ended, and "Godot" has only a three week run. I expect it to end at strike. My marriage to Jim, however, ended before I was ready...halfway through the first act.

Back to the play. The fact that such talented people have put themselves in my hands (so to speak) boggles my mind. And that a well-respected critic should say,
Ronnie Prior does "get it." This is a notable staging, an exploration in airy, droll and quizzical comic mode. just the icing on the cake.

I am too happy. Something has to happen.

Usually, when I direct a show, or act in one, my blog is full of commentary about how it's going. I've been pretty quiet about this one, and now you know why.


  1. Congratulations Ronni! Hope you can just let it be.

  2. Thanks, Joni! Are you going to be able to see it?

  3. I am delighted for you. Well done!

  4. Thanks Nelly! I wish you could see it!

  5. Long ago I read in a horrible book only one insightful line that went something like this: "the essence of unexpected disaster is just that; it's never expected".
    Although I am a terrible worrier, I hope you can do as I say (and not as I do) and just enjoy the rest of the performances of your well-received play, this pleasant spring season, the flowers blooming now and your kids and grandkids. If and when you have the time that is!!!

  6. Thank you very much...and thanks for delurking!