Thursday, April 22, 2010


"Grease" went out today. I had to go in two hours early to get it finished. So, now we are working on "The Importance of Being Earnest" and "Joseph." I am simultaneously trimming hats and Lady Bracknell's gown for "Earnest" and building the Dreamcoat. Ramona is still working on the design for the coat, among a whole lot more.
Rehearsals are strenuous, to say the least, but I'm thinking that, by the time the show opens, I will be able to undulate. I am very slow at picking up dance steps; fortunately, the choreographer is very patient.

The costume ideas are beginning to ferment. This play is so layered that I really have to think about the costumes.

The premise is a group of women getting together and putting on a play. The play they choose to produce is the first play by a woman to be produced in America, a little (sort of) melodrama called "Fashion." As the group is comprised entirely of women, they play all the roles in "Fashion," including the men.

Except for the Count. The Count is played by their imported male director. Everyone sings. Everyone dances. We do both according to our talents. There are two really good dancers, so they are featured, and the rest of us given choreography we can handle. The same goes for the singing, and it is really moving for me to be a part of the harmonies that are ringing out.

The main plot of the play is nowhere in the script, and only hinted at in the stage directions. Needless to say, the relationships among the women are very different from those of the characters in the play.

I am trying to go through the boxes that are accumulating in the living room as Chandra cleans out the master bedroom. I am also trying to find time to sleep.

I apologize for being AWOL, but there is a lot going on.

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