Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Did March Go?

...And February. And January, for that matter. This year is galloping on into Summer, which is generally my least favourite season. The relentless heat wears me down and out. Of course, it's still not as bad as the relentless cold I grew up with. There are very few places to live that have perfect weather, which is why such places are a) crowded and b) expensive. I put up with a few months of discomfort in exchange for pleasant days the rest of the time.

Spring is frequently the shortest season in these parts. Last year it was on a Tuesday...

I got slightly sunburned on Monday, out driving to Santa Anna and back (where is that, you may ask. The answer is, about 70 miles south of Abilene). I left about 8:30 AM and drove aimlessly to wind up in Wimberley, and then picked up a back road heading northwest. I was home in time for The Antiques Road Show, which always inspires me to dig through boxes...

March has been devoured by rehearsals and performances, with Sundays spent working on the set and Mondays eaten up by work. We have two more weeks of performances, and then I begin costuming Frank's show.

No rest for the wicked!


  1. I hate how time just flies by and you dont realize it.

  2. Hey, My Dad and Brother live in Santa Anna! My dad owned Santa Anna Grocery! Did you happen to stop in there?

  3. Owns, I mean, currently. Not Owned...

  4. Drove by it, but didn't stop...small world! Next time, I'll stop.