Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Day

Tripper, in shock and awe--2004

A shot of the Snowfall of Valentine's Day 2004

A tub of pansies outside the Round Rock Public Library, today

Dragon Drive during the snow today

This day's snow couldn't help but remind me of the Valentine's Day snow in 2004. Jim and I frolicked in it, along with Tripper, who, at about four months old didn't quite know what to make of it. It was one of those magical evenings, with huge flakes and several inches of accumulation.

What a contrast! It is so difficult to be joyous about something, when one is alone. With Jim, it was fun. Each of us bounced our exuberance of each other, until it was like being high! We laughed, and slid and scooted around, and snapped pictures in every direction.

I can't let his death rob me of my sense of fun! Lord knows, so much else is missing from my life...

I keep hoping for a dream of Jim in which I can slap his face. I think it would help.

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