Friday, February 05, 2010


I am SO over Valentine's Day!

It's not as if it was ever a really big deal...I hated it, back in elementary school, when everyone counted up their cards at the end of the day. Of course, I always had fewer than anyone else.

In high school, if I was lucky enough to have a "boyfriend" who bought me a gift, it would be yet another Desert Flower gift set, including soap, bath powder and cologne...I mean, how much of that stuff can a person use in a high school career? Because, the minute I started college, I switched to patchouli...which I bought for myself, thank you very much!

Jim would occasionally buy me some amber jewelry or a big furry red pillow. And a mushy card. Mustn't forget the mushy card. All about how he would love me forever, and his life was better since I came into it, and yada, yada, yada.

Fat lot of good that did, eh?


So I'm sick of seeing and hearing ads for diamonds and chocolate and computer dating services, with the implication that humans have to go two by two or something is wrong. Two by two is OK, I guess, but what do you have to do to get it?

First time I got married, Brian was all, "Let's pretend we are still just living together." The second time, SSS was all, "You know I love you...just because I want to sleep with (Jill)(Melissa)(Becky)(Charyl)(Rosalyn)(God knows who else)(in no particular order), it doesn't mean I love you any less." Then there was Brendan's dad, who, at 25, took a high school girl to her prom. With Brian and Brendan's dad, I mistook friendship for love, and with SSS it was pure D lust.

With Jim, I could finally be myself. I loved him, and I didn't care who knew it. I trusted and respected him, and I felt loved, trusted and respected in return. We all know how that worked out.


More women seem to get screwed by "love" than "fulfilled" by it.

So, I hereby renounce Valentine's Day, and all the weeping, whining and whingeing that it brings on.

To hell with romance, love songs, togetherness, diamonds, cupid and chocolate.

OK...maybe not chocolate.


  1. Oh Ronni...

    Jim didnt lie to you. Depression lied to him. Jim loved you, and he wants to be your valentine.

  2. Feb 14 is Chinese New Year. Year of the tiger. At least that's what I am planning to celebrate this year. That and the Olympics. I wonder if the make Moo Shu Chocolate. That could be a nice compromise.

  3. ME TOOO!!! I hate VD Thanks to being a Florist! HAHA

  4. Saff, everyone hates mean Valentine's Day...sorry.

    Betty, I'm with you. Bring on the Chinese chocolate!

  5. I think the romance part of it's mostly a crock. I really don't want a cookie cutter piece of jewelry mass marketed by some famous store. Just give me some chocolate!

  6. Preferably without the fat content and calorie count printed on the box!

  7. I like that they put the calorie count on the bottom of the box. That way I don't see it until I've finished off all the chocolates!

  8. LOL! I would prefer that it be in invisible ink.

  9. I thought chocolate was exempt!