Saturday, January 09, 2010

Well, That's Torn It!

Minni Miata has freaked out in the cold weather. Vanessa and Mike came over and checked, and it's not the battery, it's the starter. I guess it's time...the poor little thing is eight years old and has never had a new starter. Of course, it would pick the beginning of January to go south, wouldn't it? After I've stretched the bills to get through Christmas, and now everything is due (in spades) and paychecks are thin, due to all the time off.

Ah, well...I'd say it could be worse, but might get that way!

I just need to get through the next week or so, and then I can try to fix it. I need to give myself a good talking-to!

"What? You've never had a bad week before? Come on..."

When I look at it like that...well...this is doable!


  1. That sucks. I know how you feel. I also stretched my bills into this month. And my Dad's birthday was on the 3rd. Its a tradition in my family to go out to dinner on your birthday (which I usually get gypped out of because my birthday is within a week and sometimes ON Thanksgiving). Anyhoo. My Dad picked on the of the expensive restaurants in the area. Even splitting between the 5 of us sibs (my sister took more of a hit since my brother in law and her kids of course are there too). Even splitting it up it cost $350 for my share.

  2. Jesus! My idea of an expensive restaurant is $50/plate! I've only been to a really expensive place maybe once or twice in my life.

    It's a good thing I have simple tastes!

    I like the tradition of the birthday person picking the restaurant, but there needs to be a cap on it!

  3. Believe me, every time another bottle of wine was brought to the table I winced. Then DRANK because SOMETHING is going to be turned off this month I just know it lol.

    He had a good time though, so thats really what its all about. And really? Since my parents have money, I can ask for a loan. I cant wait for the 15th when I can file for my tax refund. That should help a bit.

  4. Melissa, I think you could use your Thanksgiving birthday date to your advantage to escape these exorbitant dinner bills. Just say something very casually like, "Well, since my birthday happens right before Dad's (or Thanksgiving, your choice), let him pick the restaurant and the family can take me and Dad out at the same time and I'll just opt out of paying anything". You could even use that line to combat the $350 bill that night if you forgot to say it sooner.

    (No charge for my advice. LOL!)

  5. LOL - I COULD do that. But apparently everyone but me actually LIKES turkey and the fixins. So they think I have a lucky birthday. My secret to Thanksgiving dinner is filling up on pigs in blankets, hot and cold dips etc. before dinner. Then I just dip my dinner rolls in creamed spinach.

    Besides, that would make my brothers and sisters really mad at me. Everyone getting along in a family as big as mine is hard enough as it is.

  6. I like turkey and fixins.

    You should definitely get the same choice everyone else does.

  7. HA! Ronni, you havent had my mothers turkey. Or my sister's prime rib for that matter.

    I would just offer to cook, but people are very territorial about their kitchens.

    I dont do turkey to be fair, but I would love to try a deep fried one. And as for beef, my sisters both seem to think that if there is a little bit of pink in it that its ruined. I think if its just pink its ruined, I like it red.

  8. When my starter went bad, I had to whack it with a wrench when I needed to go somewhere. That got me through until I was able to spend the 40 bucks at Kragen and have my son install it.

  9. I wish my offspring were handy with cars!