Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thank You, Michael!

Michael Johnson came over last night and checked Minni Miata with his handy-dandy gadget that tells him what's wrong with cars, and guess what? It wasn't the starter, it was the battery! Not the alternator, either, just the battery. Miatas have these little bitty batteries that need replacement more often than normal cars, apparently.

It started this morning, and AutoZone opens at 7:30, so I'm going to get a new battery today. I'm told that the guys there will even put it in for me (which is a good thing).

I don't "do" cars. I don't understand them, and I take them in for maintenance to people who do "do" cars. I just drive them.

Many, many thanks to Michael, and to Tracie and Ramona, who have been schlepping me around all week!


  1. A battery is good news! Cheaper than the other options and easy to fix!

  2. whats up!, im new . This site's fantastic, i've learned loads from here so far!

  3. You are always welcome! I am so happy that MJ was able to diagnose the problem and it may not be such a huge problem to fix! ...t

  4. Awesome, I guess you won't have to whack the starter with a wrench!

  5. As the Miata is mostly plastic, I just can't bring myself to go whacking on it...

    I now have anew battery, which was marginally cheaper than the starter would have been.

    But I am mobile!