Monday, January 25, 2010

Really Bad Motel

The place should have been called the Bates Motel!

Now, granted, this was at the end of Spring Break last year...six months after the hurricane hit Galveston. The motel was right on Seawall Blvd, and so probably sustained a lot of damage...but still...

This does not look like a recent repair, to me. It just looks like a bad one.

I'll be the first to admit that my bathroom is not necessarily a candidate for House Beautiful, but it looks better than this!

This corner is awful...

Yes, Dearly Beloved, that is a live cockroach...but not for long. Several of its brethren met their doom that night.

I would recommend that, if you choose to go to this motel, you insist on a tour of your room before plunking down your plastic. I was there with Aidan, and he was worn out with frolicking in the surf, so we stayed.

I did not sleep well.

The next morning, I buttonholed the proprietor and took him on a tour. What you see here does not include the mildew in the bathtub, the broken mirror or the rotted and shredding curtains.

I told him I was going to write this, but I got distracted. If you are going to Galveston for Spring Break this year, beware of the Economy Inn!


  1. Surely motels must have some sort of health inspection they have to pass? Good golly!

  2. If Norman's mother hadn't been all tied up in the basement, she'd have a thing or two to say about the housekeeping situation.

  3. That was pretty much EVERY motel room I saw while driving through Texas. Needless to say my friend and I did not stay at any of them. Had to do a 24 hour drive through.

    I would NOT have been able to stay if I had seen a roach. I had a friend who had a cockroach crawl into her ear while she was sleeping and it laid eggs.

  4. Good grief!! Don't suppose you got any money off....?

    Hope you are well dear friend. Sorry I haven't visited in the longest time. Still unemployed. Thinking of applying for benefits. Urgh!!!

  5. It's good to hear from you, Mgt! It seems that it is very difficult to find a job these days, particularly if one is a woman of a "certain age." I guess I really don't understand your system over there. Here, we apply right away for unemployment benefits, and they kick in for six months...that may have been extended since the economy went "kaput," but the Unemployment is supposed to get you through the short term, until you find something else.

    Vanessa's Mike is looking for work, and the problem is that he got paid a lot on his last job, so his benefits are pretty high---I think it's 75% of what his wages were, and all the jobs around right now pay less than that. Of course, they had just signed onto a mortgage when he lost his job...

    Please keep me up to speed on how you are...

  6. I should have done it straight away, Ronni. I got a few grand redundancy money and thought I would find something, but, alas...

    We only get £65 a week, but get housing benefits too, so I am dragging my heels a bit, as I hate having to go in every 2 weeks to prove I'm looking for work. May have to end up doing cleaning.

  7. Sorry to hear about Nessa and Mike. Tough times.

  8. In this new world, there are many services you can perform for clients besides cleaning.

    You can work from home, transcribing depositions or medical can run errands for people--picking up deliveries, taking pets to the vet, etc. I have a friend in Vancouver who works for an agency that provides people to look in on old folks who live alone...schlep them to the doctor, etc.

    I did cleaning for five years, but I was younger and had a lot less weight to haul around, and a lot more energy. I probably couldn't do more than one house a day, now!

  9. Yeah...and Vanessa thinks she may be headed the same way. She has fibromyalgia and there are days when she doesn't make quota. Too many of those, and one's job is in jeopardy. I keep telling her to talk to a friend of mine who also lives with fibromialgia, to learn some coping mechanisms. Her pain management doctor told her to go away when V refused to allow some sort of spinal column implant.

  10. Hello Mgt! Long time no see. Sorry to hear about your job situation. It's bad everywhere.
    Ronni, Some doctors can be real jerks. I hope Vanessa has the option to get a different one. Can she get disability for fibromyalgia?

  11. She can, but only after being out of work for a year...and by then, they'd lose their house...

  12. That stinks! I hope something good happens soon.