Monday, January 18, 2010

Obligatory Cute Animal Shot

Who can resist a sleek little squirrel who poses for a picture?


  1. That squirrel looks like he is going to attack you!

  2. He was determined to let me know that that was his spot, and I couldn't have it without a fight!

  3. I have a funny squirrel story. Years ago I didnt live in an apartment. Yes, I rented, but I had the top floor of a two family home.

    Had one of those pull down attic doors from the ceiling and went up there for whatever reason. Pulled on the string for the light and climbed up. Came face to face with my attic squirrels. Or one in this case. We startled each other and were face to face, both of us froze. My attic squirrel had that same look. HE took action first. CHEECHEECHEECHEE in that high pitched squirrel voice, plus he shook his paw at me too! I still couldnt move. I just had a picture in my mind of him flying at my neck and me falling down the stairs.

    We both backed off slowwwwllly...

    I had to laugh when it was all said and done, but he scared the heck out of me. And I him I assume.

  4. You saw eye to eye with him!

    I think you understand about my encounter with the armadillo, which, even though it was well over a year ago, is still very fresh in my mind...