Monday, January 18, 2010


This is what sunset looked like from Port O'Connor today.

I was sort of headed for Corpus, but with no real schedule. Good thing, too, as I was having fun in Goliad for several hours. That's why Port O'Connor was all the far I got.

Here's the difference between myself and a real photographer: about five minutes after I got this shot, there was an even better one. I passed a flooded, furrowed field, and the sky was much more red. The reflection in the standing water in the furrows was absolutely spectacular, but I didn't stop.

You see, Dearly Beloved, I got eaten alive by some of the biggest mosquitoes I've ever seen while getting this shot, and I wasn't going to do that again!

I missed some other great shots...a buzzard standing on a fence post with its wings outspread, looking for all the world like a thunderbird on a totem pole, for one. I saw several hawks of different sorts, and a lot of egrets and herons.

There will be more pics later, and travel fun...

1 comment:

  1. Mosquitoes <(sic?) suck the fun out of everything. If there was a better pic than that then I am truly amazed.

    I really dont thank God that those nasty bugs are pretty much seasonal here (just being honest), but perhaps I should. Skeeter bites on top of bloody noses and constant coughing would REALLY suck. Pardon the pun.