Thursday, December 03, 2009

Snippets of Thought

Sarah Palin is insisting on being addressed as "Governor" on her book-touting tour. Excuse me...but didn't she quit that job? I could see calling her "Governor" after her term was up, but she quit! We won't even go to the place where she is charging for people to get their pictures taken with her...who does she think she is...a baseball player? Even bloggers know better than that! Pictures to be distributed by her PAC. Is it legal for her to raise political money when she has quit her political job? Did she announce a run for the Presidency and I missed it?

She is denying that bit about being called "Governor," but do we really believe that?


On another front, a man by the name of Farouk Shami is running for the governorship of Texas. Now, I know that, three years ago, I would not have believed that a person called Barack Obama would ever be President of the US, but this is so far outside the realm of possibility that I will eat my hat if it ever comes to pass. This is TEXAS, people! He needs a name like Rick, or George, or Preston to get elected here!


  1. Personally, I liked Kinky Friedman for Texas governor a couple of years back.

  2. I like Kinky, too! I liked his music and I liked his mystery novels, and I think he'd make an AWESOME governor!