Monday, December 07, 2009

Sixth Grade Band Concert

My grandson, Aidan, playing the saxophone! I can't begin to tell you how much I loved seeing this!

Burnet Middle School is quite small, which I find reassuring. The assembled band, we were told, is 20% of the student body. They need Band Boosters. I hope they can get something going, as it's a long way for me, and I really had been hoping I was done with direct involvement in schools. The middle school my kids attended didn't have Band Boosters. At least, I don't think they did. Only one of my three was in band, so I could have missed it, I suppose. Still, Burnet Middle School doesn't look quite as affluent as our schools here in Round Rock. Mr. Bob Cotter, the spokesman for the department is one of those teachers like Jim...bubbling over with enthusiasm, and obviously beloved by his students.

The Lanier High School Jazz Ensemble played (very well, too), and it was pointed out that over half of that group got its musical start at Burnet.

I bought a T-shirt. Go Band! Go Burnet! Go Aidan!


  1. Glee is very hot right now, maybe some carryover and love for the music nerds?

  2. Maybe scroungey old heart about burst out of my chest, I was so proud of him!

  3. Ronni,

    My Grandson has also begun to play the saxaphone at school.

    My DIL tells me the practice sessions are quite horrendous. The boy has to practice the saxaphone for one hour and he only knows 4 notes......

  4. Ronni, the talent runs in the family, you know.

    Glee is such a cool show. Like Lisa said about it being hot.

    Oh Nancy, I feel your DIL's pain!

  5. I survived cello practice and clarinet practice. You get used to it...although the neighbours never did.

  6. If anybody needs advice about Band Boosters, give me a holler! :-)

    It may be a good thing for you that you live to far away. It becomes your entire life! Trust me, I know. Since I am the fund-raising coordinator for our group, that's the main reason for my shortage of blog posts during the past couple months.

  7. Oh and that should be "too far away." It was a typo... sorry 'bout that! :-)