Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raven Abaroa on Twitter

Once a jerk, always a jerk. I have it on good authority that Raven is using the nic "Blakpijeon" in more places than just Twitter.
BlakPijeon Music: How many times must I be hurt by two-faced individuals? Their numbers are increasing and sadly, are become more common in society.
5:11 PM Dec 23rd from txt

I wonder about the pain that poor Raven has to suffer. You do remember him, right? Soccer player...embezzled money from the sporting goods store for which he worked...nice wife (Janet)...baby...North Carolina. Does any of this ring a bell? He says he went to a soccer game, and when he came home...you guessed it. Janet was dead in their bedroom, and the baby was crying in his crib. Did you also guess that Janet was pregnant? You would be correct.

Though named a Person of Interest in the investigation into Janet's death, he never quite made the grade to Suspect, and moved to Utah with his son. And remarried. Last May, wife #2, Vanessa Pond, traveled to NC to be interviewed by local police and media.

The marriage lasted 2 1/2 months. In fact, they met, got engaged, got married and she dumped him in a little over a year. Vanessa had some interesting things to say about her husband, here (http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/5138321/) and here (http://www.ncwanted.com/unsolved/story/5130124/)


So many red flags; so little time!

1. Vanessa Pond and Raven Abaroa met in early December of 2007 and were engaged six months later, on Mother’s Day.

He rushed her. There is no way you can learn enough about a person in six months.

2. As the wedding approached, Vanessa said, Raven’s behavior shifted. He became violent.

He thought he was sure of her, so he relaxed a bit and let her see how things would be. Of course, he convinced her it was an aberration, brought on by the stress of impending nuptuals...

3. When Vanessa found out that Raven’s first wife had been murdered, she wanted more information.

He didn't tell her. BIG RED FLAG! She found out some other way, and had to read up on line and watch interviews.

4. They decided to confront him directly. “It was a pretty point-blank question, but we’d been needing to know. Raven’s response to that was, ‘I loved my wife’… in a beating-around-the-bush kind of answer. It was never ‘yes’ or ‘no,’” JoDean said.

He couldn't give them a direct answer. I would have SO been postponing the wedding at that point!

5. For Randy, a retired police officer, Raven’s response was a red flag, but out of a desire to support his daughter, he gave Raven the benefit of the doubt.

Please, parents...don't EVER give a guy "the benefit of the doubt," when your daughter's safety is at risk! Yes, she might get mad at you, but she might be having second thoughts herself, and yours might be just what she needs to hear.

6. “He was very drunk, and he started talking about how mad he was after Janet died. And kept reiterating how mad he was after she died, just how mad,” Vanessa recalled. “Then he cuddled up close to me and said, ‘I promise I’ll never hurt you.’ And I didn’t know how to take that.”

This was on their honeymoon. I would have known how to take it! "I won't hurt YOU. SHE was a bitch and made me angry, but YOU won't do that. It was HER fault!"

(are we hearing that bell, yet?)

7. He would often try to convince Vanessa that she was suicidal, that her behavior was erratic, that everything was her fault, she recalled.

Clumsy gaslighting, but gaslighting, just the same. If it's her fault, he's justified in his anger and violence.

8. “He could go back and forth within seconds and he would say the most horrible things and then moments later, act as if nothing had happened,” she said.

Because he has no feelings, he just says whatever, and it means nothing to him.

9. And he was controlling. Vanessa said he monitored her computer use, checked her phone, always knew what she was doing and who she was calling.

Flag is flapping in gale!

10. The Pond family recalled a time they attended one of Raven’s soccer games. He was red-carded and thrown out of the game for stomping his cleats into the back of a player who had fallen and was on his knees. Sitting on the sidelines, JoDean recalled, “he looked totally relaxed and he was chuckling and he said, ‘that’s retribution.’”

"That's retribution!"

If a soccer player got stomped in the back with cleats, did Janet get stabbed? Just how much more retribution had been "earned" by a wife who tried to saddle him with a second child?

11. “He had me convinced that everyone was trying to frame him… that everyone was out to get him, that he was the poor victim,” she said. “In his own world, he’s above everyone else and he can do no wrong. He’s so above everyone and everything, the law included.”

Which circles us back to his "tweet:"

"How many times must I be hurt by two-faced individuals? Their numbers are increasing and sadly, are become more common in society."

Anyone considering marriage, or even dating somebody, needs to do a background check and pay attention to what they find!


  1. If he did it, the timeline makes no sense. Unless he was wearing a total cover up plastic suit.

  2. http://www.ncwanted.com/asset/unsolved/2007/11/27/2093072/Janet_Abaroa_Autopsy_Report.swf

    Autopsy report.


    NC Wanted timeline.

  3. He admitted to turning over her body...surely that would account for any blood he had on him.

  4. I am thinking of spatter though, not transfer. I mean if you stab someone in tne neck you are going to get major squirts of blood I would assume.

    Keystone Kops maybe?

  5. From the drawing in the autopsy report, she was stabbed in the neck, "severing the right subclavian artery, leading to the accumulation of approximately 2 liters of blood in the right chest cavity." IOW, it was an internal artery and so it wouldn't spurt like the carotid artery would.

  6. When he called 911, he said he thought she had been shot. That's his CYA...

  7. I just watched 3 hours on video on this case. I think the embezzlement may be a way to look too. His 2 hour vid, he seems truly upset. Unlike Scott or Josh.

    Or maybe he embezzeled to murder his wife? There was no insurance so really.

    What is a CYA?

  8. "Cover Your Ass."

    Did you find the video he and Janet made where he's showing off his knife?

    I don't think he's sincerely upset. I think he's faking it just like the others you mentioned. In the long NCWanted interview, he seems very dismissive.

  9. I dunno. I really dont think he had enough time to cover anything up. Perhaps someone he messed with.

  10. The only thing he covered was the small delay between getting home and calling 911, and he did that by saying that she was on her hands and knees, so he thought she had cramps. After she didn't move for a while, he touched her, and she rolled over and he saw the blood and called 911. That explains blood on him, and the delay.

    His convincingly upset act fooled the cops. Somewhat, anyway--he's not been arrested yet.

    Personally, I'm not buying it.

    (I honestly don't think they are all guilty...it just seems that so many of them are.)

    The usual common factors were there:

    ~life insurance

  11. I dont think they are all guilty either.

    This Josh dude, for sure.

    Raven as oppossed to the other ones shows actual emotion. In his interview he admits it may be because of something he did. And the timeline is SO slim.

    I dont give much credence to the new ex-wife. I get the feeling that she may feel slighted.

    I know so many good men. I would hate to be them all being haters.

    1. again.. sociopaths are great actors. they cry because they are worried about themselves. that's the only emotion in them. and his second wife left him, not the other way around. she realized he was a monster. and sure there are lots of good men. there are also lots of very bad men. and just because they "show emotion" doesn't mean they are good. they are just good at manipulation.

  12. Wow. He sure has the NHofR memorized.

    I swear, these guys have some sort of DNA or something.

    Well, good thing she got away in time. Whatever happened to "first lie, say goodbye?"

  13. Melissa although you say you watched the video of Raven, you must have watched with rose colored glasses. Are you dating him? It seems like you are hell bent on defending him. There is a very interesting blog that dissects Raven's NC Wanted interview. "Eyes for Lies" maybe you should check it out.

  14. Here is the link for "Eyes for Lies". IMO, you seriously cannot argue with science and fact. This Bird of Death has a way of turning everything around, conning, making everyone - who will actually listen anymore - believe his rants and suspicious stories/excuses.


    Ask around for the real stories...anyone who knows him or his late wife or anyone who has dated him. Does he have any best friends? Nope. Everyone knows and steers clear of this psychopath these days. His poor family knows and has to put on a face because they are afraid of him, like so many others.

    I wouldn't discredit his second wife at all. She seemed truly honest and straight-forward. She didn't seem at all like she was a woman scorned, trying to get back at him. She showed no anger or hatred...only hurt.

    Again, IMHO...but factual nonetheless.

  15. I have "Eyes for Lies" in my sidebar, and read her several times a week. She is not infallible, but certainly is usually correct...

    I'm with you. I am sure he did it. Melissa's concerns may be part of the reason he has never been arrested.