Monday, November 02, 2009

Open Letter from George to Rev. Coleman

One of the posters at StLToday, on the Coleman case, posted this letter there a while back. It was deleted by the mods as "off topic," and the author was encouraged to send it directly to the Reverend. I don't know if he has, but thought it deserved some further discussion.
I have given this a lot of thought over the past 5 months and espcially one night last week when I had trouble falling asleep. I have 3 sons in thier 30s who I love dearly and I tried to think of what I would do, God forbid, if one of them were accused of a crime similiar to the one that Chris Coleman was arrested for. After debating myself for a couple of hours I came to this conclusion. I DON'T KNOW WHAT I WOULD DO. However I believe I do know what the Rev. Ronald Coleman should do. Right now he is sticking to the story that his son was somehow framed. This is somewhat understandable in his mind because no son of his that he raised and taught what's really important in life would be capable of such an atrocious crime. A few more months when most of discovery evidence will be given to the defense and Ron will be notified by Margulis and Son of all the damning evidence and testimony. This man who heads up Grace Church in Chester, Ill. has a keen mind. Grace Church has done many positive things for this and other distant communities under the leadership of Ronald Coleman all these years. He will come to realize that Chris is indeed the killer. His main job from that moment on will be to save his son's soul. This process may cost him his pastorship and if it does then so be it however it might have just the opposite effect and elevate him in the eyes of those who support him. His decision should not be affected by what effect it will have on him personally but should be guided solely by his love for his son and his desire to save Chris's soul. This is most likely the most difficult task he has or will face in his lifetime. It's easy to say what's the right thing to do when it's not your family involved but this plan of action will take a huge amount of courage. I would only hope that I could do the right thing if it happened to me. I now have compassion for this man and will say prayers that he does the "right" thing.
We won't get into the treatment of the victim's family by this inlaw minister...or maybe we will.


  1. So the guy knows what Coleman SHOULD do, but in the same situation, he himself doesn't know what he should do, or what he would do. But he knows what Coleman SHOULD do. If one of this fool's sons committed a crime, the fool SHOULD do exactly what he thinks Coleman SHOULD do. He doesn't know what HE would do, but he knows what someone ELSE should do. Fool.

  2. George knows it's easier to know what others SHOULD do than what one WOULD do, oneself.

    I do find it rather "big" of him to forgive Rev Ron. Magnanimous, even. Particularly as Rev. Ron doesn't know George from Adam.