Monday, November 23, 2009

Note to Self

It is not a good idea to forget you have the top down when yelling at other drivers. Especially when driving down Parmer Lane, and coming up on an old piece of junk going 40 in a 60 zone. Particularly when what comes out of your mouth is something to the effect of, "Can't you pedal that piece of shit any faster than that?" It is even worse when the driver of said piece of shit has his windows rolled down.

And, it is even worse than that when there's a bicyclist right there in the bike lane.



  1. I'm shocked! I'm dismayed! Meek and mild you? Yelling out what's on your mind?

    Naw, I can't fathom it...


  2. I confess to being one of those drivers who constantly howls imprecations at other drivers.

    "Does that thing come with turn signals?"

    "You stoopid fuck!"

    "Make up your mind, if you have one!"

    Things like that. The difference is that my windows are rolled up and the AC running most months of the year. This Fall, we have had a lot of top-down days...and sometimes I forget...

  3. NOW NOW Ronni dear...that could be considered road rage! "snicker"
    Your too nice to say things like that "snarf"...wink wink!
    I was pmsl reading this one! that poor guy on the bicycle! way too funny!
    The BF likes to say that those who don't use there blinkers must not have the specal option car that comes equiped with them!
    that and if someone leaves thier turn singnals on he says they are driving around the world to the L or R depending. LOL
    BUT when he gets really ticked out comes the finger and he starts screaming! lol

  4. SSS used to say, "I wish I had your (insert make of car) and you had a feather up your ass. Then we'd both be tickled pink!"

    Jim used to cuss out drivers in a heartfelt manner...even after one turned out to be a parent of one of his students...

  5. Oh my gawd, Ronni, you're such a candid gal!

    The most I can come up with is a muttered "asshole!"

    I'll have to get a little more creative... when the kids are not in the car with me, that is!

  6. Allison, I usually do it so I am not heard by the other drivers. This is Texas, and most drivers spend most of the year with their windows rolled up and AC on, not to mention radio, CDs, IPods, phones and other things...

  7. In NJ - We give the finger along with the comments. Just in case they cant hear us lol..

  8. PS - we do NOT do this while driving in inner cities.

  9. Love it, you speak your mind. I usually mutter under my breath. Then I smile & wave at them like their a long lost friend. Which is terribly confusing to them. Who is that crazy woman?