Sunday, November 08, 2009

My Best Pot

This is my favourite. It's a Royal Dripless, from the Royal Canadian Art Pottery in Hamilton Ontario. Most Brown Bettys have rounder bodies, but this is still the best teapot I have. I paid the unheard-of sum of $15 for it at the Canton TX First Monday Flea Market. The seller wanted twice that, but $15 was my limit, and I would have had to walk away. Notice the lip on the spout. That's what keeps the tea from dripping when you pour. Ideally, all teapots should have this lip.

It used to have leaves and berries painted on it, but they had pretty much worn off by the time it came home with me.


  1. HI RONNI! I'm hoping to be back up and running soon! lol I know I haven't written in quite a while, but I have been laid up..literally.
    I had four surgeries done,two more to go!(eye and other foot), but that will be months before I do either of those! I still have months of healing though..bummer.
    I miss you a lot, and I have lots of stories and pictures, problem is they are getting old. I have been taking pictures of my foot, YUK, and it looks really bad, but I will post it soon. I should be able to start posting open again, everyone thinks I destroyed my blog,so I should be good to go soon.
    OK now about your tea pot! absoulutely lovely!If you are so inclined, there are special paints that you can use to restore the artwork if you know how to paint, on glazed pots.I have used it to personalize coffe cups, and the paint has so far stayed true, and hasn't faded or worn away! if your interested let me know and I will get you the name of them.
    As you know I love stuff like this,the BF gave me a tea pot that his father had gotten when he was overseas in the service,I put this ebay link in so you can see what it looks like.UNfortunaetly it doesn't look as shiny as mine and you can not really see the engravings! If you are interested I will take a pic and send you it to see. I love it though, and I use it everyday and it is a great way to remember him by. I will cherish it more then any of my other pots. Not to mention it keeps the tea warm for a LONG time! Oh I know what I wanted to ask you, do you know how to crochet tea cozies? and if you do is there a pattern you follow? I have never owned one and my GF said she would make one..just have to find a pattern.

  2. I like Swan pots! You have a beauty! I'm happy with mine, even without the decoration, but thanks...

    I don't know how to crochet. I need a tea cozy, too, and am thinking of sewing one out of quilted fabric.

    However, a hat pattern will do--she just has to leave gaps for the handle and spout.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, and can get up and running again. I've missed you, too!

  4. Thanks!
    A hat pattern huh? I will tell her. Maybe I can get her to do one for you too.
    I hadn't thought about sewing one..I could do that for thought there!
    And yes It is a lovely pot, it looks brand new,appearantly they never used it! and it really holds the heat..I was shocked at how long.