Thursday, October 15, 2009


Jasmine, after her three years of struggling with osteosarcoma, is giving up her leg. Tomorrow morning, her leg will be amputated.

After a snafu delayed the physical therapy after her first surgery, she never could bend the knee properly, so an articulated prosthetic seems like a positive alternative.

If you are a prayer, please do so...

On September 12th, her mother posted this:
Hello Everyone,

We have some news to share with everyone. Jasmine is having surgery in about three weeks. She fell a week ago at school and landed on her left hip. She stayed off of it for a week and when she tried to start walking on it again she was in extreme pain. We had to take her back down to MD Anderson and have her x-rays redone. Dr. Lewis said that she bruised her hip and her bone. Jasmine had a hematoma on the back of her thigh and she had a lot of swelling in the knee and a lot of fluid collection. She also had some fluid in her ankle. About the surgery. Jasmine has decided to go ahead and amputate her leg. She will have a full amputation done. She will meet with the doctor about getting a prosthetic leg. She has thought about this for awhile an it hasn't been an easy decision for her to make. Her and Dr. Lewis agree that in the long run it will be better for her. We still do not know why her leg gave out when she fell. But, she will be undergoing surgery for this in about three weeks. We will of course update and put more on here. We have some other appointments to do and will update as we learn more.
Take care and God Bless you all!
And Tuesday:
Hello Everyone~
Jasmine's surgery is this Thursday, we are not sure of a time yet. We will find out Wednesday. We are headed down to Houston on Wednesday for her surgery. We will probably have to be at MD Anderson by 6am. They usually do pediatrics early. That way they don't get to nervous and have time to get in and out of surgery. We will have to laptop with us so we can update as soon as she is in a room and doing okay. Thanks for all the continuers prayers.

God Bless!!!!
I am heartsick over this.

ETA: Last I heard is that Jasmine came through the surgery OK. Heather has not yet updated at Caring Bridge.


  1. I will pray for Jasmine. I followed her story for the longest time on the link you had here. I thought everything was going great for her because her link no longer worked and then her link disappeared. This is so sad. I really hate to see innocent children suffer.


  2. I took it down because it wasn't working. However, the hournal is still there, and if you go to Caring Bridge and type "jasminesubia" in the box, you can get there. She was doing well for a while, with a couple of glitches, like spots on her lungs, but now she's made this decision; one that no child should have to make.

  3. Oh my. Jasmine will be in my thoughts. What a remarkable girl she is.

  4. I just posted the most recent photo of her from Caring Bridge.

  5. My thoughts are with Jasmine and her family. I can't imagine being in her position and having to make that kind of decision

  6. Dear Ronni,

    Please tell Jasmine that she will find all sorts of encouragement, understanding and just plain good advice on leg amputation at the website of Heather Mills McCartney.

    Heather is the former wife of Beatle Paul Mccartney and she lost her leg in an accident years ago and has done so well with her artificial leg that she performed on "Dancing With The Stars."

    Her website is a gold mine of info and has an interesting forum where various people tell their experiences with amputations.

    My husband had to have his right leg amputated due to Diabetes and Heather's website was the best advice we got through a frightening and confusing time in our lives.

    Good luck, little girl. You will be all right. I know how hard it is but somehow God will give you the strength to come through it and be as good as new again.

  7. Thank you all for your thoughts. I have no news yet.

    Nancy, I looked up the link and sent it to Jasmine's mother. Thank you so much!

  8. My thoughts are with them all Ronni. Bless her little heart.

    I hope it all goes well. Such a brave kid!

  9. Very brave girl. She will do fine, I just know it.